Frequently Asked Questions & Myths

For tarot, depending on what guidance is being sought, one can opt for a monthly tarot reading

However, a gap of 5-6 months is recommended before repeating the same question.

Angel Card guidance can be sought on a daily or weekly basis, and so on. These readings tap into the energies associated with higher forces, providing guidance and messages from the angelic realm.

Tarot readings involve connecting with one's energies and the higher realms. Be mindful of your energy and mindset when seeking a reading, particularly on the new moon day (Amavasya). However, the energies during the full moon can enhance the diviner's intuition.

This is untrue. Tarot is a tool to open the door of possibilities and probabilities for the future. Several tarot card readers regularly read for themselves to interpret their current situation.

This is untrue and stems from a misunderstanding of the term "occult”. Tarot cards are not associated with black magic or evil. They operate on intuition, experience, and practice, and provide guidance.

While the allure of magic is captivating, tarot cards themselves do not possess magical powers. They are tools that allow individuals to connect with their higher selves.

This is not true. Our future lies in our hands, and tarot readings are meant to offer guidance and insights and show different pathways and probabilities, which can be inuenced by changing circumstances, mindsets, and personal choices.